A tale of two Portrait Sessions

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​A couple of weeks ago we worked these two completely unrelated events where both meeting planners hired us because they wanted the attendees to receive their portraits before they left the event, but that's about where the similarities ended. 

One of the meeting planners made it clear that she wanted our green screen photography to be part of the entertainment of the evening.  It was an 800 person event held at the Museum of Latin American Art and ​she wanted to have our subjects to have fun with props and have a Latin American or Long Beach feeling background to go with their image.  Oh and the choice would be up to the guests as they take their place in the spotlight so they could choose appropriate props.   

​The other event was at the Aquarium of the Pacific and they simply wanted to WOW! their guests by having a professional portrait in front of one of the many beautiful galleries.  Although it sounds more straightforward than the green screen portrait session mentioned above, this too had technical issues to keep in mind.  One of the reasons the staff at Savor refers us to their clients is our familiarity with the galleries and our experience at lighting  both the backgrounds and the subjects so that they're both well exposed and so that we don't end up with a bright reflection on the glass since if not lit properly that glass would act as a gigantic mirror!

When all was said and done it was a great feeling being able to provide to our clients and to THEIR clients exactly what they wanted!